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of Luxury and

Blu Pearl is a treasure in the realm of luxurious residences. At first sight, you’re embraced by an aura of refined luxury and a style that stands apart. It’s a sanctuary for relaxation and a realm for creating cherished memories.

Blu Pearl Villas unfolds a space that is as inviting as it is spacious. The modern design subtly blends with elements of natural beauty, creating a serene ambiance. Spacious bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a cozy living room ensure a life of comfort and sheer enjoyment amidst breathtaking vistas.

Featured Properties

Blu Pearl

2 Bedroom

Experience the intimate luxury of our 2-bedroom villas, where contemporary design meets the serenity of Zanzibar's landscapes. Every unit boasts premium finishes, optimized for tropical living.
Starting from $203.5k USD
Blu Pearl

3 Bedroom

Elevate your island living experience with our spacious 3-bedroom villas. Immerse in opulent interiors complemented by panoramic views of Zanzibar's captivating scenery.
Starting from $247.5k USD

Timeline of Development

Join us in crafting history as we transform the tranquil shores of Nungwi into the elegant haven of Blu Pearl. Through a precise development timeline, experience the unfolding of a legacy of opulent living in the serene heart of Zanzibar.

February – 2024

Seize the opportunity to invest in an off-plan villa as we initiate construction, unlocking favorable pricing for early investors.

May – 2025

Construction will take approximately 15 months

March - April 2025
Two months for finishing, furniture, appliances and all the necessary preparations for rental.

Payment Structure

10K USD as initial deposit, then 5 x 20% payments during construction.


Leasehold 99 years.

Total Villas Avaliable

Choose a villa at Blu Pearl and own a piece of Zanzibar’s luxury lifestyle. Ideal for investors looking for high occupancy and returns.


Secure Your Villa Before It's Too Late.

Your Path to Investment and Ownership

Paddco homes are not just residences, but lucrative investments into a lifestyle of comfort and elegance. Enjoy the tranquility of your home while relishing the financial growth.

Choose Your Ideal Property
1 Step

Discover that perfect unit within our premium collection that suits both your living desires and investment goals.

Secure with Initial Deposit
2 Step

Your journey to exclusive ownership begins with a 10k USD initial deposit.

Spread Payments Across Construction
3 Step

Ease into your investment with five manageable 20% payments spread throughout the build stage.

Enjoy Rental Profits or Make It Your Home
4 Step

Benefit from the vibrant rental market or enjoy the serenity of your own tropical dwelling.

Your Dream Villa is a Call Away, Let's Chat!

Questions, dreams, or just a friendly hello? We’re here for it all. Our team at Paddco is always eager to engage and provide the insights you seek. Reach out to us anytime!

Features & Inclusions

benefits of off-plan projects


Teak Wood Panels


Teak Wood Panels


Teak Wood Panels


Teak Wood Panels


Teak Wood Panels


Teak Wood Panels

Material Selection

At PADDCO, we understand that the choice of materials is pivotal in crafting exceptional villas. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality extends to every detail, and the selection of materials is no exception.

We take pride in partnering with the finest suppliers and artisans who share our passion for excellence. Every material used in our villas is thoughtfully curated to ensure durability, sustainability, and an aesthetic that reflects timeless elegance.

Blu Pearl Site Plan

Blu Pearl Villa isn’t just a residence—it’s a lifestyle tailored for the discerning few who relish the finer things in life. The Blu Pearl Plan epitomizes modern luxury living, blending sophistication with functionality to curate a delightful living space.

As you step inside, the Blu Pearl Plan unveils meticulous attention to detail. Spacious living areas seamlessly transition into each other, while large windows bathe your home in natural light, offering glimpses of the surrounding beauty.

But the allure of Blu Pearl doesn’t end at its aesthetics. For potential real estate buyers, it unrolls a red carpet of incentives. With a purchase, secure a resident permit for you, your spouse, and your children under twenty. Enjoy a 100% exemption on stamp duty, capital gain, and benefit from full foreign ownership. This isn’t merely a property; it’s a gateway to lucrative privileges, encapsulating a lifestyle of comfort, luxury, and financial wisdom.

The Location


Discover detailed insights into payment structures, foreign investment processes, and ROI with Blu Pearl Villas for potential buyers.

The payment plan for Blu Pearl Villas is structured as follows:
  • Booking Deposit: A deposit of $10,000 is required to secure your villa.
  • First Installment – Commence Groundwork:
    • For 2-bedroom villas: $30,700 (20% of the villa price minus the initial deposit).
    • For 3-bedroom villas: $39,500 (20% of the villa price minus the initial deposit).
  • Second Installment – Completion of Footings: 20% of the villa price.
    • For 2-bedroom villas: $40,700.
    • For 3-bedroom villas: $49,500.
  • Third Installment – Completion of Structure: 20% of the villa price.
    • For 2-bedroom villas: $40,700.
    • For 3-bedroom villas: $49,500.
  • Fourth Installment – Completion of Finishes, Fixtures, and Fittings: 20% of the villa price.
    • For 2-bedroom villas: $40,700.
    • For 3-bedroom villas: $49,500.
  • Fifth Installment – Handing Over of Villa: 20% of the villa price.
    • For 2-bedroom villas: $40,700.
    • For 3-bedroom villas: $49,500.

PADDCO welcomes international investors to our Blu Pearl villa project in Zanzibar. The process for foreign property acquisition is structured around a leasehold system, as the land in Zanzibar is government-owned. Here’s an overview:

Leasehold System: Foreign investors can acquire property through a leasehold agreement. At Blu Pearl, you’ll secure a long-term lease, typically renewable every 33 years, extendable up to 99 years. This provides a secure and long-lasting investment opportunity.

Registration with ZIPA: The Blu Pearl project is registered under the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA), offering additional benefits and security for your investment. This leasehold system and ZIPA registration ensure that your investment in Zanzibar is both secure and advantageous​​.

Yes, villa owners at Blu Pearl in Zanzibar enjoy several residency and tax benefits:

Residency Permit: Villa owners, along with their spouse and up to four children under 20, can obtain a residency permit. This eases living in Zanzibar without residency concerns.

Tax Advantages:

  • Stamp Duty Exemption: Owners benefit from a 50% exemption on stamp duty in the villa purchase contract, reducing acquisition costs.
  • Capital Gains Exemption: There is a 50% exemption on capital gains for the property, maximizing investment returns.

Ownership Freedom: Enjoy 100% foreign ownership of your property.

Income Benefits: Foreign villa owners are exempt from worldwide income tax, offering a unique opportunity to enhance financial portfolios.

Profit Repatriation: Villa owners can repatriate 100% of profits after tax, ensuring full enjoyment of their gains.

Investing in a property in Zanzibar, like those at Blu Pearl, can offer attractive returns:

Mixed-Use Investment: Many investors look for properties that offer both rental income and personal use. Blu Pearl’s villas cater to this need, providing the flexibility of earning rental income while also being available for personal and family use.

High Value Increase: Zanzibar is experiencing a high increase in property values due to the growing demand for quality housing.

Rental Income Potential: With the current economic growth in Zanzibar, properties like those at Blu Pearl can yield a dividend of 12-15% through short-term holiday rentals. In some cases, returns can even exceed 23%.

Well-Managed Investment: A well-managed holiday home in Zanzibar can be a fantastic investment, especially when it is utilized frequently and maintained properly.

Overall, the investment in Blu Pearl offers a combination of lifestyle enjoyment and potential financial returns, making it an appealing choice for investors​​.

The security of investments in Zanzibar is a top priority for investors and is well-recognized:

Political and Economic Stability: Zanzibar is one of the safest investment destinations in Africa, as endorsed by numerous travel experts. This stability is a key factor in ensuring the safety of your investment.

High Demand for Quality Housing: With the current economic growth and a high demand for quality housing, Zanzibar’s property market is robust, contributing to the safety and potential appreciation of your investment.

Investing in Zanzibar, particularly in projects like Blu Pearl, offers both security and potential for growth, making it a wise choice for investors looking for both safety and returns​​.

At Blu Pearl, we have service charges for maintaining our community. These charges are similar to an HOA (Homeowners Association) fee. They cover the cost of keeping our community safe and beautiful, including security, upkeep of public areas, street lighting, waste recycling, and landscaping. Expect to pay $1-2 per square meter each year, which is a common practice for maintaining the high standards of our exclusive community.

We charge a 20% management fee on the income from your villa bookings. This fee covers all the services needed to manage your villa effectively. Our experienced team works to increase bookings, ensuring that our services not only pay for themselves but also help in making your investment more profitable.

Furnishing packages for villas at Blu Pearl are available. The cost for a two-bedroom villa is $18,500, and for a three-bedroom villa, it’s $23,000. These packages are designed to complement the luxury and style of our villas, ideal for both personal use and vacation rentals.

PADDCO welcomes investors from around the globe, including the U.K. and the U.S., to invest in our Blu Pearl villas. We believe in providing luxurious living experiences to a diverse international clientele. Our team is ready to assist you with the necessary procedures and information, regardless of your country of origin.

About the area

Nungwi, in northern Zanzibar, offers a balance of tranquility and vibrancy. From the dynamic resorts and eateries of West Nungwi to the peaceful retreats of the East, it’s a place where tradition meets modern charm. Its beaches and clear waters create a stunning setting, turning each day into a vacation experience.

Blu Pearl is where natural serenity meets modern sophistication in Nungwi. It promises a lifestyle cradled by ocean murmurs, white sands, and tropical breezes. Embrace a community that values the quiet and the lively aspects of island life.

construction progress

At Paddco, transparency and excitement go hand in hand. We want you to witness the evolution of Blu Pearl from blueprint to reality, showcasing the dedication and craftsmanship poured into every corner.

For a more detailed update, a quick click takes you to a page filled with the latest visuals and timelines. Stay informed and virtually present as we sculpt your haven of luxury, ensuring every step matches the quality and elegance promised at Blu Pearl.


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    Blu Pearl Villas

    23 June 2024 (Updated)