Online Booking
Terms and Conditions

PADDCO's Blu Pearl Project

Online Application Submission:

Applicants (“Purchasers”) interested in reserving a property via online booking must provide complete, accurate contact information and documents through the online application form (“Online Application”)

Property Reservation:

To reserve a selected property (“Property”), Purchasers are required to pay a deposit via credit card. This deposit reserves the Property for five (5) calendar days (“Reservation Period”), starting from the payment date.

Payment of First Installment:

  1. If construction has not begun, the Purchaser is not required to pay the first instalment until construction starts.
  2. If construction has already started, the Purchaser’s first instalment must align with the current construction milestone payment plan.
  3. Details regarding the amount and timing of the first instalment will be communicated by PADDCO.

Offer to Purchase:

During the Reservation Period, the Purchaser must sign the Offer to Purchase as per PADDCO’s terms and conditions, and submit it to PADDCO.

Reservation Termination & Refund Policy:

PADDCO reserves the right to terminate the Reservation for any reason within the Reservation Period or within 120 days post signing the Offer to Purchase, with a refund of the paid deposit or first instalment. The Purchaser waives rights to claim additional compensation.

Non-Refundable Payments:

Except as provided under Clause 5, the deposit and any paid instalments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Additional Charges:

The Purchaser agrees to pay all related registration fees and charges for property transfer as required.

Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA):

The Purchaser must sign the SPA within five (5) working days from notification. Failure to sign within this period results in forfeiture of the deposit and, if applicable, the first instalment.

Purchase Obligations:

Non-compliance with payment obligations may lead to sale termination and forfeiture of payments, without prejudice to PADDCO’s right for additional compensation.

Data Protection & Privacy:

PADDCO will manage the purchaser’s information for legitimate purposes but is not liable for any loss or misuse.

Amendments and Jurisdiction:

PADDCO reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions or suspend the online application process at anytime. The agreement is governed by Tanzanian law.