Tips for Buying a Second Home in Zanzibar

What could be better than having a second home in Zanzibar – an island with beautiful sandy beaches and pleasant-tempered people? Whether for recreation or as an investment, there are numerous advantages to buying property in this location. At PADDCO, we fully understand all aspects of purchasing a home in Zanzibar. Here are some tips to help you navigate the process effectively.

Understand the Local Market

Are you planning to purchase a second property in Zanzibar? It’s important to know certain aspects of the Zanzibar real estate market. Prices depend on the region and type of housing. Coastal properties might cost more due to the views and proximity to the beach, while inland properties can be cheaper and quieter.

Check Legal Requirements

You need to be familiar with the legalities of purchasing property in Zanzibar. Foreigners can buy property with the Right to Occupy for up to 99 years. Conducting pre-legal due diligence is crucial to ensure all legal documents are in order and the property’s title deed is clear. Engaging an attorney from the jurisdiction is wise, as they can advise on legal expectations and help avoid legal issues.

Consider Future Costs

When looking for a second home, consider future costs such as maintenance, utilities, property management, and taxes. Budgeting for these expenses ensures you can afford your new property. Additionally, setting aside funds for any necessary remodeling is advisable.

Evaluate Property Management Options

If you intend to use the second home as an investment, managing the property becomes crucial. A property management firm can handle tasks such as renting the property and overseeing repairs. PADDCO Management provides comprehensive property management services to help you maximize your investment.

Work with a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Working with a competent real estate agent in Zanzibar is essential. An experienced agent can provide information about good investment locations, current market trends, and legal requirements. They can also guide you to properties that suit your needs and budget.

Inspect the Property

To avoid unforeseen issues, inspect the property carefully. Look for signs of seepage, wall damage, water damage, or any repairs that may have been done. A professional inspector can provide an independent opinion on the property’s condition.

Plan for Rental Income

If you plan to use the second home as an investment property, budgeting for rental income is critical. Conduct a study on the rental market in Zanzibar to determine potential income and occupancy rates. Consider factors such as location, property type, and features that may affect rental demand. Setting reasonable rents and promoting the property to attract tenants can help sustain a high income.

Embrace the Local Culture

Finally, embracing and appreciating the local culture is integral. Socialize with your neighbors, learn about their way of life, and attend community events. Respecting the local culture will make your experience more rewarding. At PADDCO, we recommend our clients immerse themselves in the richness of Zanzibari culture, making them feel at home.


Many people who have purchased a second home in Zanzibar have improved their lives, as owning a second home is a valuable investment. By considering local conditions, engaging professionals, and planning for future expenses, you can make a sound investment. With careful planning and good advice, owning a second home in Zanzibar is achievable.

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