Benefits of Buying Zanzibar Real Estate

Zanzibar Real

Zanzibar, often referred to as the Spice Island is a popular tourist destination and an emerging hub for real estate investment. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home, a rental property, or a long-term investment, Zanzibar offers several compelling reasons to consider buying real estate. This comprehensive guide will explore the benefits of investing in Zanzibar properties.

Residency Permits

  • Upon buy real estate in Zanzibar buyers, their partners, and children under 25 receive residency permits.
  • These permits are renewable every three years and remain valid for property ownership.
  • Zanzibar welcomes citizens and foreigners over to invest in its real estate market.

No Minimum Length of Stay

  • Unlike some other countries, Zanzibar imposes no minimum length of stay requirements for property owners.
  • Whether you visit occasionally or reside permanently, the flexibility is yours.

Favorable Tax Environment

  • Zanzibar offers several tax advantages for property owners:
    • No Stamp Duty: There is no stamp duty on property purchases.
    • No Capital Gains Tax: You won’t be subject to capital gains tax when selling your property.
    • No Inheritance Tax: Inheritances related to property are exempt from taxation.
    • Zero Tax on Foreign Income: If you earn income outside of Tanzania, it remains tax-free.

Booming Market and Attractive Yields

  • Zanzibar’s real estate market is thriving, with attractive rental yields.
  • The rich history, natural beauty, and growing tourism industry make it an appealing investment destination.

Financing Options and Mortgages

  • Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar have licensed banks, including those offering house financing and mortgage refinancing.
  • Real estate agents and property developers collaborate with these institutions to provide various financing options.

Secure Payment Solutions

  • When transferring funds for property buy in Zanzibar consider using Chickpea.
  • Clickpesa specializes in cross-border payments and international money transfers.
  • Their partnership with TZ ESCROW and Holding Limited ensures secure and reliable financial transactions.


Zanzibar’s real estate market presents exciting opportunities for investors. Whether you’re drawn to its pristine beaches, historic charm, or potential returns, buying property in Zanzibar can be a rewarding experience. Seek professional legal advice throughout the acquisition process to navigate the intricacies successfully.

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