Unveil the essence of Zanzibar

essence of Zanzibar

Zanzibar Real Estate welcomes you to the enchanting world, where luxury, innovation and green living meet to form a place of style and good fortune. Leading this transformative voyage is PADDCO; an influential industry player that has blazed a trail in African real estate sector.

Developing sustainability in real estate 

According to this paper is a look at some of the measures and instruments that have been taken into consideration for addressing ecological impacts and promoting sustainable development.

1. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for Aggregates 

  • WAP sustainability and National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) have partnered to develop Theta EPD for Aggregates targeting aggregate producers.
  • Theta Aggregate EPDs can demonstrate environmental impact and can be used for compliance with Green procurement policies such as Buy Clean Inflation Reduction Act Requirements.

2. Measuring and Reporting of Embodied Carbon in the Built Environment 

  • World Resources Institute (WRI) has approved a “Sector Supplement for Measuring and Accounting for Embodied Emissions in the Built Environment” to promote measuring and reporting of embodied carbon essence of Zanzibar.

3. Sustainable Construction with Concrete EPDs 

4. Buy Clean Compliance Software® 

  • Theta EPD is a newly developed Buy Clean Compliance Software® unveiled by WAP Sustainability to aid GSA’s Buy Clean Inflation Reduction Act Requirements that target construction materials with low embodied carbon.

5. Sustainable Initiatives for Real Estate 

  • Sustainable initiatives such as whole building data collection and energy efficiency are increasingly becoming part of the building owners’ operational practices and investment criteria.

6. Green Financing and Sustainable Investing 

  • Looking to finance sustainability initiatives, investors are increasingly turning to capital markets as well as ESG funds.

7. Developing a Sustainability Strategy

  • For owners, providers and investors in real estate industry they should be sustainable opportunists who implement a strategy that encompasses criteria which monitors their progress on sustainability issues while reporting matters about maintenance.

PADDCO’s Glorious Past and Prosperous Projects

For over a decade now, PADDCO has been an outstanding model for quality and innovation in the African property sector. This history stands out with a number of game-changing projects that have set new benchmarks for quality but also contributed meaningfully to socio-economic development across the region.

Proficiency and Dedication

It takes an exceptional group of architects, visionaries and professionals who have devoted themselves to quality and prosperity to make PADDCO what it is today. They remain committed to excellence and innovation making PADDCO an iconic name in transformational African real-estate developments. 

Their expertise coupled up with their visionary goals have made them one of the most reputable companies in the industry that people can rely on for top-notch projects.


The projects BLU PEARL and BLU PEARL PROGRESS are exemplary demonstrations of PADDCO’s dedication to excellence. However, they also serve as a promise of change within the sector of real estate through luxury living that does not compromise with nature. 

On the other hand, BLU PEARL and BLU PEARL PROGRESS projects by PADDCO are good examples of how much PADCCO values quality and technology. These properties do not constitute mere investments in residential property; rather, they represent an investment in to essence of Zanzibar future. 

With attractive incentives offered to investors along with tax benefits and comprehensive villa management systems, these projects symbolize how PADDCO approaches real estate differently.

PADDCO’s successful projects (highlighted)

  1. BLU PEARL: This is an expression of PADDCO’s sheer dedication to quality and innovation within the essence of Zanzibar Real Estate industry and it represents our team’s commitment towards setting new standards for better living.
  1. BLU PEARL PROGRESS: Yet another fine example of a PADCCO project, this development signifies their aim to become trend setters in the industry and leading agents for change when it comes to how Africa looks at physical development.


The focus on sustainability is driving significant changes across real estate and construction practices from a selection of materials used in construction to running finished structures. These initiatives are meant to meet the minimum requirements set by regulators as well as provide opportunities for value addition, green financing and sustainable investments.

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